This canal, called "Sosui", is a waterway constructed between Lake Biwa andKyoto City. The water is drawn out at Otsu City in Shiga Prefecture, passes the Nanzen-ji Temple, and runs to Keage at Higashiyama-ku in Kyoto City. The construction of this canal was begun in 1881, and finished in 1890. The purposes of this canal lie at passing boats from Osaka Bay to Lake Biwa, spinning cotton by the energy of water wheels, irrigating water, keeping water for fire prevention and so on. By and by, in 1889 when the hydroelectricity seemed to be very profitable, the first power plant began to be built at Keage, and in 1891, started to supplyelectric power. And in order to step up hydroelectricity and guarantee running water, the construction of the second canal was started in 1908, and finished in 1912. The Keage Filtration Plant which was built during the same term, fulfills its function nowadays as the source of water supply. You can see that arch of red bricks, called "Suido-bashi, i.e., waterway bridge, can't you? That gets to fit the antiquated atmosphere of the Nanzen-ji Temple and seems to have beauty itself around it. On passing through it, you will find the Nanzen-in Temple, which was the cradle of the Nanzen-ji Temple.