You can see a building, called "kuri", with Mt.Higashiyama for the back-ground, can't you? It is situated in splendid harmony with the greenery itself of the grove. This atmosphere gives peace and restfulness to anyone who visits it.
 You should create the beauty itself in the appearances which are produced bywhite walls, black building materials and the lines of roofs.
 Once you walk in, you will come across the Japanese typical open space with no ceilings at all, i.e., "fukinuke-zukuri". You can see lots of beams and girders crossing with one another.
 This geometrical beauty is in characteristic of Zen style of architecture.
 This temple is called "Jojuh", meaning that anyone is at any time, and is a place where any priest can make a living.
 On the board which you will notice in front of the "kuri", you will see the Japanese characters, which literally means that you should look down at your own feet.